Short Barrel Fiction


My second published book was a series of traditional western short stories. None of tem take place in my fictional town of Saragosa, but they would all be comfortable there. I love writing short stories, I like the pressure of it. There can be no wasted words, and each word must be the right one. Your writing has to be concise and convey all of the same emotion and intensity of a novel. Stephen king once said novels were like a love affair with the reader, but short stories were like a quick kiss in the dark. These stories come complete with dust and grit, with good guys and bad guys. Below you will find the synopsis and/or inspiration for the stories inside. These short kisses happen in broad daylight, many times in a lonely desert town with deserted streets. But always there is the dust…bring your toothbrush, you’re going to need it. Available for purchase here!


I love the idea that in the old west, a person was who they claimed to be, changing pasts and identities when the mood struck.  I wanted to write a story that blurred the line between reality and hallucination…a story that tested the faith of a man who may or may not be hiding behind that faith out of convenience.


I wondered if it would be possible to tell a complete and compelling story about the moments leading up to a gunfight.  Those last few minutes where the hero prepares to step into the street for a fight he knows he cannot win.


I am fascinated that legends were built on words as well as actions in the old west.  Dime novels catapulted such men as Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, and Wild Bill Hickok to legendary status far beyond their deeds.


I wanted to write about Billy the Kid but I didn’t want to rehash all of the same old stories.  This tale is about a boy who became a legend and what may or may not be his ghost.


Boyhood friends grow up.  It’s a fact.  But what happens when one becomes a lawman and the other an outlaw.  Loving the same woman could be touchy, but rescuing her could be downright dangerous.


This is a departure for me.  It is truly a traditional western through and through, with a bit of horror thrown in.  What happens when werewolves run a small town and a supernatural bounty hunter rides in?  I have several stories planned in this vein with this character


I love it when characters surprise me.  Cad McKendrick is a man who walks just over the line on the shady side of the law.  Run out of town for a crime he may or may not have committed Cad bumps into Dakota Cole, a head-strong young widow intent on holding onto her ranch against men who would take it away from her. Soon a tenuous partnership is forged.



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