Permanent: A Play

Because of the success of Saragosa: The Stage Play, I was approached by the drama teacher of my old high school the following year. She asked if I would consider writing an original play for her senior drama class. I was honored and we scheduled a time for me to go in and meet the kids. We sat around in a circle on the floor and tossed around a few ideas that I had. There were eleven students; eight girls and three boys. we discussed doing another western, a detective noir, and a comedy. Each idea had its supporters, but ultimately we decided on the comedy…but one with a message. Thus PERMANENT: A PLAY was born. It is a play written in two acts that can be performed in an hour as per the school’s request.

PERMANENT: A PLAY centers around the rock star known as PERMANENT, an androgynous musician whose identity and gender are hidden from the world. The president of PERMANENT’S fan club is a teen girl who, along with her sister discover that PERMANENT has checked themselves into the local mental health facility for a rest and the girls devise a plan to get admitted to the facility and try to uncover the rock star to the world. They meet an array of colorful, slightly disturbed characters and finally discover the truth. Available for purchase here!

The Characters of Permanent: The Stage Play



Permanent is an androgynous rock star whose identity and gender have been purposely hidden from the world and has been rumored to have checked themselves into a mental hospital for a break from celebrity


Alicia is the older of two sisters who is obsessed with PERMANENT and devises a way to sneak into the mental institution to discover her idol’s gender and identity


Becky is the younger sister who goes along with the plan, and is a bit off kilter


The girls’ parents, who don’t share their girls’ obsession


Nurse Jones is the harried authority figure for the institution and in over her head a bit


Nosy is the jaded long-term patient who befriends the sisters


Mental Man is a patient who believes he is a super hero, but doesn’t know what his super power is yet


President is a patient who believes he is the POTUS


Hush is a shy girl who doesn’t speak


Backward is a girl who only walks backward


Zero is a girl who believes that people wear masks to hide their true selves, and she seems to have lost her hamster.


Nurse Two is a support to Nurse Jones


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