Introduction and Respect

There is this feeling you get when a writer that you respect more than most agrees to write an introduction for one of your books. That feeling is at once giddy and weighty, it is thrilling and loaded with dread all at the same time. For a few minutes you laugh hysterically and then suddenly feel like you might throw up. There is a responsibility to live up to the kind words written about you by someone you look up to. Thus was the case when my friend, E. Ervin Tibbs, author of SUNSET TOMORROW agreed to  write the introduction to my latest book of short stories. I have posted the full intro below, but first I must say, if you can find a copy of SUNSET TOMORROW by E. Ervin Tibbs, It is unfortunately out of print, grab it and read it, you will love it. Here then is the introduction:

First let me say that Bill Wilbur is one of my best friends, and he happens to be the only man ever to have killed me. An explanation is in order. In his book Saragosa, Bill developed a character that he said was based on me, an honor because the character was honorable. But in the course of the story, the character had to die and so he died, heroically. That little episode illustrates Bill’s commitment to honesty, he will stay true to his vision whatever the consequences. I have known Bill for many years and have read most of the stories he’s written all the way from first draft to publishable manuscript. He characterizes himself as an old badger that just keeps on coming, and it is the best way I know of describing both the man and his values. When he writes a scene, no matter how wonderful, if it strays from the vision, or doesn’t fit the character, he will toss it out. That is to say that Bill tosses out writing that is better than many authors best work. In the stories that follow, there will be excitement, adventure, danger, and love, but there will be one overriding principal in them all. Honesty. Dive in and enjoy yourself, it will be a great ride. ~ Ervin Tibbs

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